Solving Sybil. Counting noses with Passports.

What is it

Tap Passport to your Phone NFC and join the global trust-chain!

Port on-boards a massive Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) provided by countries and aggregated by ICAO to a server or a blockchain. Port apps upload passport signature (AA) that gets authenticated up the trust-chain to your country authority, to confirm passport you just tapped is legit and currently in your possession.

What it can do

Prove your Uniqueness

Either to the public on a blockchain,
or on a server to a service.

Commit your Passport

Challenge signature gets verified,
passport public key and
issuer country published.

[Optional] Reveal

request from committed account
to selectively reveal more authenticated
data off-chain. User can reveal or skip.


Follow the instruction in the app, and scan the QR code from Port friends.
Alternatively, try QR demo.

Infrastructure for

Sybil protection on-chain

⮞ voting
⮞ quadratic funding
⮞ ubi airdrops
⮞ limit orders (one per person)

Verification off-chain

User controlled selective reveal
⮞ real name,
⮞ date of birth,
⮞ picture
⮞ expiry date, nationality

Port platforms  and  Supporters

built by ZeroPass team